Flattering Prom Picture Poses to Try

You’ve spent hours on your hair, makeup, and dress, so make sure you choose the best prom picture poses to show off all that hard work. Whether you’re taking photos with your parents, with your date, or with friends, these are the poses that will flatter everyone.

Show Off That Dress

Finding the perfect prom dress isn’t easy, so you need a photo that really shows it off. This should be a full-length shot, and the pose is very important. To get a photo you’ll love, follow these steps:

  1. Turn your body and shoulders so you’re facing slightly away from the camera; this is called a three-quarter profile pose.
  2. Put your weight on your back foot and bend your front leg just a little.
  3. On the side of your body closer to the camera, place your hand on your hip and keep your arm relaxed. Let your other arm rest next to your body.
  4. Turn your head to face the camera and smile naturally.

Capture Your Relationship With Your Date

Prom is an important milestone in any relationship, and you want your photos to show how you feel about each other. The perfect pose will show the joy you feel with your prom date while still being flattering for both of you. This is a slimming pose that shows off some of the back of a girl’s dress. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have the guy stand facing the camera with his shoulders angled just slightly.
  2. The girl should face him, placing one hand on his chest and the other arm around his waist.
  3. He should put his hands low on her waist, forming a slight V.
  4. Think about something hilarious to get some natural smiles.

Rock Your Best Angles With Your Besties

For almost every girl, the key to a flattering photo is having your shoulders at a different angle than your head. If you turn your shoulders sideways to the camera and look straight at the lens, you’ll look great! Do this with friends for a group shot everyone will want to frame. Here’s how:

  1. Have two girls sit back-to-back and turn their heads to face the camera.
  2. If you want to add more girls to the photo, have them echo the position of the first two girls, facing their shoulders away from the first two and looking at the camera.
  3. Have everyone smile.
  4. Take this photo from a little above the girls’ heads. This makes the shot even more flattering.

Pose With Your Parents

This is an important night for parents too, so it’s great to get a prom photo that includes them. Keep the pose simple to make everyone look great and get a photo you’ll all love for years to come. Try this method:

  1. Stand with your shoulders just slightly angled away from the camera and your head looking at the camera. You can put your arms around your parents or, if you’re a girl, show off a great wrist corsage by letting your hand rest against your dress.
  2. Have your mom stand slightly behind you so your shoulder overlaps hers. She should put her weight on her back foot and bend her front leg just a little.
  3. Have you dad stand on the other side of you with his shoulder angled toward you just a little. He can put his arm around you.
  4. Have everyone look at the camera and smile.

Get a Great Group Shot

Going to prom with a big group of friends? Getting an awesome shot of everyone might seem tricky, but it’s actually totally doable. The key is a great pose and taking tons of photos so you can choose one where no one is blinking. Here’s how to nail the group pose:

  1. Choose a nice location with a clean background and have everyone stand in a line. The people on either end of the line should move in just a little to give the line a gentle curve.
  2. Tell everyone to get a little closer, since people naturally want to preserve personal space. Photos look happier when people are touching or nearly touching, though. Put your arms around each other’s waists or shoulders.
  3. Have each person shift their weight onto their back leg and bring their other leg forward just a little more. They should each tilt their shoulders just a little away from the camera.
  4. Tell everyone to look at the camera and smile.

Capture the Memories

Whether you pose with your friends or get some great solo shots, you need to take great photos of prom night. Take some time to practice poses for your prom photos before the big day arrives so you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera. After all, this is a night you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.

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