Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals

We all want an excellent job in an industry that we are interested in. If the field of precious metals is your area of expertise and expertise, you’ll be able to have an enjoyable and lucrative job. The field of precious metals offers an abundance of lucrative possibilities. It is important to think about all possibilities in the market for labor before deciding which one is the most suitable.

The industry of precious metals is thriving because of its high demande for the precious metals in these markets.

Platinum, gold and silver are only some of the precious metals in high demand not only in the US however, all over the globe. This alone allows you to create a lasting career that offers many advantages in the lucrative business that deals in precious metals.

But the question remains which are the top job opportunities that pay in valuable metals? This article will provide you with the answer as well as all the information you need to know about the best career in the field of precious metals which is suited to your abilities. Find out the characteristics of precious metals and to learn more about the most lucrative job opportunities in the field of precious metals.

What are Precious Metals?

All of us know most basic precious metals. But, aside from platinum, gold and silver, there are a myriad of other precious metals, such as the iridium, ruthenium and palladium. They also have rhenium, iridium, and Osmium.

The elements are found in the natural world in nature, precious metals are scarce metals with high economical value. What is the reason?

Due to their rarity, incredible quality, value and long-standing the history of their use as a value deposit. Furthermore precious metals were the foundation of the global economy for a long time in time and are still an excellent asset that protects people from the effects of economic turmoil. As a company in the field of long-term preservation of wealth, the sector of precious metals has plenty to offer future employees. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think about a career in precious metals when you wish to pursue a rewarding job that pays well.

This is our list of the most lucrative work in precious metals with all the perks!

12 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals

If you are planning to become an employee in the near future in the field of precious metals You should consider the top paid job opportunities in precious metals.

  1. Precious Metals Brokerwith an annual average earnings of $124,116
  2. Precious Metals Consultantwith an annual average earnings of $81,489
  3. Precious Metals Sales Agent- an average annual salary of $75,504.
  4. Metalworking specialist – an average annual pay of $73,339
  5. Manager of jewelry stores- an average annual salary of $57.951.
  6. Gemologist – an average annual earnings of $57,612
  7. Jewelry designer – an average annual earnings of $57,519
  8. Minersearn an average annual pay of $48,110
  9. Goldsmith- a median annual pay of $45,846
  10. Precious metal workers earn an average annual pay of $41,267
  11. Quality control specialists earn an average annual pay of $41,184
  12. Jewelry specialist with an annual average pay of $37,060

Check out the pay ranges for each job, and find out the requirements to be able to hold one of the highest-paying job opportunities in valuable metallics in America. US.

1. Precious Metals Broker

The annual average price for a precious metals broker in the US is $124,116. the base pay is $84,149 annually. Additionally, there is an annual pay of 39,967. Additional pay includes commissions, bonuses as well as tips and portion of the profits.

As per ZipRecruiter the top three states that have the highest precious metals broker pay in the US are:

  • Washingtonhas an average annual salary of $168,902.
  • New York- an average annual salary of $159,879
  • Californiahas an average annual salary of $152,861.

As a broker for precious metals you’ll need to:

  • Choose the type of precious metal you’d like to purchase and then sell
  • Have experience in your metals that you deal in
  • Be aware in the which form the metal you purchase and sold (coins or jewelry or antiques)
  • Learn how each type of exchange is valued, purchased and then sold
  • Sell your precious metals via various platforms (online or at auction or in-store)
  • Metals price, based on to the market fluctuations
  • Corespond with the government as well as the rules of the market for precious metals

If you’re determined for that number one job in our list of top-paying job opportunities in valuable metals then apply for a license in the field of buying products made from or containing platinum, gold, silver or any various other jewels and precious metals.

2. Precious Metals Consultant

The annual salary for a precious metals consultant is $81,489 while the starting pay is $67,293 and an added annual pay in the amount of $13,196.

The precious metals expert has numerous duties:

  • Estimate country-by-country and sector-by-sector demand and supply statistics
  • Work in conjunction with the other consultants accountable for different countries to ensure that the data series are joined up
  • Contribute to presentations at conferences or reports. Consult with clients by preparing tables and charts
  • Participate in conferences or other events in the realm of the precious metals industry.
  • Establish and maintain relations with prospective, current and major clients of the precious metal market

Experience in the precious metals market or analysis of commodities is required in order to be a precious metals expert and get one of the most lucrative job opportunities in the field of precious metals. Expertise in Excel and database knowledge is essential. In addition to the fact that you have to be a skilled communicator, companies typically require a solid academic credentials, including having a BSc and equivalent MSc and other graduate qualifications.

3. Precious Metals Sales Agent

The average salary for a precious metals sales representative ranges between $60,403 and $90,605, with a the median wage of $75,504, as per Similar. The median annual salary for a position of sales agent for precious metals in the industry of precious metals in the US is $75,504. It is estimated that the top 60% of the precious Metals Sales Agents earn $90,605. they earn an average of $75,504.

Being a sales agent isn’t easy. A lot of requirements must be met in order to be able to fill in the position of a selling agent, such as:

  • Experiential experience in the field of sales (jewelry expertise is huge plus) as well as customer service
  • Talent to create a connection with customers
  • Excellent communication abilities (written as well as oral)
  • Confidence and confidence to make sales over the phone
  • An approach that is focused on the customer to ensure a memorable customer experience
  • Positive attitude, solid integrity and honesty, with a solid work ethics and morals
  • Computer skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and the capability to work quickly in an environment that is busy (buying or selling, and selling coins, jewelry or silver, gold watches, etc.)
  • Management skills are required to boost the portfolio and accounts of the company.
  • Easy to access and accessible information regarding the products that you are selling

Once you have met these standards If you meet these requirements, all you need to accomplish is making the best use of your abilities and capabilities to show yourself as the most effective sales representative in one of the top pay jobs in precious metals.

4. Metalworking Specialist

The annual average of a Metalworking specialist’s salary, at the time of this writing, the 13th of August, 2022 in the US is $73,339. This means

$35.26 for an hour. or $1,410 weekly which is equivalent to $6,111 per month. The highest income for metalworking specialists in accordance with ZipRecruiter is $112,500 while the lowest salary is $24,500. The majority of the salaries for specialists in metalworking range between $56,500 (25 percent) and $86,500 (75 percent) with top earning professionals (90 percent) making an annual income of $99,500.

You must be aware of the responsibilities and duties you have If you want to secure one of the most lucrative positions in valuable metals by becoming a specialist in metalworking:

  • Analyze the composition chemical of products
  • Choose the most effective method and the temperature for the melting process
  • Make decorative objects
  • Shape, design and shape jewelry
  • Create art and be trader

Usually, specialists in metalworking working with precious metals do not possess a specific education background. They have the experience, expertise and the capabilities to work in the field of the industry of precious metals.

5. Jewelry Store Manager

As of July 26, 2022, the average annual salary of a jewelry store manager in the US found on Salary is$57,951, while the salary range is from$48,398to$73,630. There’s a range in the amount of money paid based on qualifications, education and other skills as well as years of experience in the job of a jewellery store owner.

As a manager of a jewelry store You’ll manage a jewelry store. You’ll be in the charge of managing a retail store that offers a wide range of gems as well as precious metals. This means that you’ll need to:

  • Control Security and protect employees as well as customers and the inventory in the store.
  • Know a lot about the products available
  • Fulfill your managerial duties
  • Payroll process, close transactions and deal with deposits

If you are lucky enough to land one of the most lucrative positions in precious metals, and you become the manager of a jewelry store, you’ll be able to offer to customers a selection of bracelets, rings and necklaces as well as other accessories that are made of precious jewels and metals. In order to work in the role of a manager for a jewelry store, you must have at least a high school degree in addition to a practical understanding. Certain employees are looking for an associate’s degree and others also.

6. Gemologist

If you’re looking in how much a Gemologist salary, we’ve got the information you require. The annual average salary of Gemologists is $57,612, and the pay range is usually between $49,783 to $65,950.

It’s important to know what you’re expected to do in the position you’re interested in particularly when it’s one of the most lucrative positions in gemology. As a gemologist, you’ll:

  • Use and recognize precious gems and stones.
  • Research specific stones and gems with microscopes and other equipment for gemstone testing.
  • Assess the jewelry’s worth and its the authenticity
  • Cut the jewelry to fit certain molds and casts
  • Utilize chemical methods to establish the chemical composition of the jewellery
  • Estimate the price of jewelry.
  • Input the gemstone identification details in the information system.

In the first place, should you decide to work as a gemologist, you should have great coordination, as well as the skills required to use microscopes as well as other equipment for testing employed for the production of jewelry. The majority of employees require a qualified chemist to become the gemologist, and a certification for gemology. Many gemologists are learning their trade through employees in jewelry stores, and some employers prefer the degree of a bachelor in an area related to gemology.

7. Jewelry Designer

The median annual pay for a jewelry designer according to Payscale is $57,519. The amount of money is different when we consider years of experience in this equation. Thus, the pay of a jeweler with:

  • Experience less than 1 year including bonus, tips plus additional overtime pay amounts to $36,312 (based on five salary figures)
  • Four years of experience equals $42,263 (based on 47 salary)
  • 5-9 years of work experience equals $56,290 (based on salaries of 44)
  • 10-19 years of work experience equals $167,671 (based on 40 salary)
  • 20 years of experience or the higher level, for employees who are late-career will be paid $59,155.

If you are competent and lucky enough to land one of the most lucrative positions in the field of precious metals you should be ready to:

  • Design Jewelry
  • Collaborate with customers to realize their ideas
  • Design and create jewelry to delight the company or client.
  • Complete Technical drawings for the item
  • Sketch design concepts to implement out the vision of the team
  • Utilize 3D design software such as Photoshop and Rhino
  • Find seasonal trends in the market as well as color stories and then incorporate these in new designs

It’s a very artistic career! This is why some employers require an art degree to be able to fill the job as jewelry design. It is also recommended to create an exhibit to showcase your prior work and convince your employer that you’re the perfect candidate for the position.

8. Miners

Miners earn an hourly wage of $23.13 and a yearly average pay of $48,110, calculated by an hourly salary calculator. If we add experiences to the calculation then we’ll have the following information:

  • The average hourly wage for mining workers who has less than one year of work experience will be $18.55 (including bonuses, tips and overtime pay which is based on 14 salary figures)
  • The average hourly wage for miners with one to four years experience will be $20.48 (based upon 29 salary figures)
  • The hourly pay of miners having 5-9 years’ experience $27.55 (based from 29 salary)
  • The average hourly pay for a mining professional with a minimum of 10-19 years working experience IS $28.88 (based from 22 salary)
  • The average hourly pay for miner that has had 20 years’ experience or more is $28.

One of the highest-paying work opportunities in precious metals can also be risky. You must be able to

  • Utilize heavy equipment and machinery to dig, extract and transportation of precious metals
  • Blast or drill rock to make underground tunnels that are deep and long
  • Take the soil off and cut the earth in the form of an open cut mine (using bulldozers and drills and explosives)
  • It is essential to ensure that the mine poses no danger to the employees by installing lights, supports cables, pumps and air vents wherever it is safe

Beware of the risk each miner is protected by protection equipment. If you’re not convinced you’d like to work as a mining worker, you’ll have to undergo education in mining extractive industry, as well as surface and underground extraction processes, as well as mining. You can increase your chances of becoming a mining professional by offering qualifications in extraction of surface materials or other related fields.

9. Goldsmith

In Salary you can find out the amount an individual goldsmith earns. The US the average salary for a goldsmith is from $37,548 to $56,635, and the average is $45,846 as on July 26th 2022. As is the norm, salaries are contingent on a variety of factors, including the level of education, experience as well as talents and abilities.

If you’re aware of the pay, you can now take a look out the tasks of a goldsmith:

  • Design and create gold jewelry
  • Cut, fill, bend, and make gold as well as other valuable metals
  • Make sure to secure stones and engrave jewelry
  • Re-purpose or repair jewelry
  • Sell your jewelry at a profit to the customers (sometimes)
  • Utilize special tools for handling precious metals

It is recommended to complete an apprenticeship in the field of jewelers for one of the most lucrative positions in valuable metals. The typical apprenticeship takes approximately 48 months to be completed. An additional benefit is an education in design or visual arts, or in a related subject.

10. Precious Stone Metal Worker

The median hourly wage of a Precious Stone Metal workeris$19.84 This means that the median annual wage in the US is $41,267. The amount of money earned varies depending on the level of experience:

  • The average hourly pay for the precious metalworker with 1 to 4 years of experience plus bonuses, tips plus extra pay amounts to $16.60 (based of 25 salary)
  • The average hourly wage for a precious stone metalworker with 5 to 9 years’ experience would be $18.75 (based from 14 salary figures)
  • A typical hourly pay for an experienced precious stone metal worker who has 10 to 19 years of working experience would be $20.08 (based of 21 salary figures)
  • A typical hourly pay for an expert in precious stone metal work who has 20 years experience or more is $24.

If you’re looking to participate in the creation and sale jewellery, the job of the precious metal worker would be ideal for you. As an expert in precious stone metal work you’ll be engaged in:

  • Every stage of the creation or sale
  • The process of repairing jewelry
  • The process of inspection and estimation (using various optical instruments)
  • The design and manufacture of jewelry

You don’t require a formal degree to be qualified for one of the most lucrative job opportunities in the field of precious metals. The trade is learned through work experiences and education. Many precious metals workers master this trade at an institution for trade.

11. Quality Control Specialist

The average annual salary for Quality Control Specialists According to the Payscale, it is $40,184. The pay differs for beginning, mid-career or experienced and late-career quality control specialist. For instance:

  • The hourly rate for Quality Control Specialists with less than a year of experience, including bonuses, tips plus the possibility of overtime pay amounts to $17.97 (based upon 34 salary figures)
  • A typical hourly pay for an experienced quality control expert with 1 to 4 year of work experience would be $19.39 (based from 312 salary figures)
  • The average hourly wage for an experienced quality control expert who has 5 to 9 years work experience would be $20.63 (based on the 176 salary figures)
  • The average hourly wage for Quality Control Specialists with a minimum of 10 to 19 years work experience would be $21.10 (based upon 127 salary)
  • A typical hourly pay for a quality control expert with a minimum of 20 years experience and more is $24.

If becoming a quality assurance specialist is a goal you hope to be, you’ll take on the following duties:

  • Control the quality of work and quality-related troubleshooting concerns
  • Conduct tests related to quality to be certain that the products meet the requirements of the company and are legal.
  • Give quality control-related feedback to supervisors and employees.
  • Monitor outputs Materials, conductors, and outputs deviations that are controlled
  • Keep accurate quality records to be used for future references
  • Help support the testing and inspection process

To be considered for one of the highest pay job opportunities in the field of precious metals you need to possess excellent communication skills and excellent analytical skills and a bachelor’s level degree in an area related to it. For a better chance of securing this job you’ll require certifications in quality control.

12. Jewelry Specialist

The average salary for a jewelry expert in the US is between $21,640 and $67,210. The average annual wage is $37,060. The top 20% of specialists in the field earn $67210 as well as the lower 60 percent earn an average of $37,060.

Jewelry specialists must be proficient in numerous skills to be successful at their jobs. If you are looking to pursue working as a jewelry expert, it is essential to have interpersonal, research practical, innovative sales, negotiation, and abilities. Additionally, if you’d like to get one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of precious metals, you must be able to:

  • Sell and present jewelry
  • Display jewelry items and process payments
  • Create recommendations and put up displays that will increase sales.

Apart from having the required abilities and meeting the requirements The majority of employees require an high secondary diploma or GED. It’s also advantageous to hold a degree in marketing, business or jewelry design, however it’s not necessary.


As you can tell, a job in valuable metals could be a fantastic option. If you’re someone who is looking for an exciting, innovative and flexible job in which you don’t have to repeat the same thing The precious metals industry is the one for you.

If you’re a creative person and an sense of design, you’ll be ideal to be a jewelry designer or goldsmith. However If you’re the one selling the product, making appealing advertisements and attracting customers, the sales division in the industry of precious metals will be an ideal place that’s right for you. It’s not even the start there are many more lucrative jobs are available in the industry of precious metals If you choose to go there to be your career choice in the future.

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